The Water Management Association (SVH) groups particular bodies of water management and water industry – River Boards State Enterprises, Water Supply and Sewage Companies and other joint-stock companies, allowance organizations as well as other types of companies.


The SVH effort is, in close elaboration with governmental agencies and authorities and with other businesses, focused on creating of legislative and another conditions necessary for effective asset management and business activities under the conditions of transformation to market oriented economy.


The SVH is an active player in the formation of national economic policy in its field of activity and in synergy with other branches, specialisations and sections.


The SVH main concern is:

  • to protect common interest of its members and further them against governmental, regional, local and other authorities and organisations,
  • to participate in forming and amending of acts, directives and regulations related to members activities,
  • to follow, assess, process and generalise the important information and experience from performance of water management organisations,
  • to urge for creating of conditions suitable for water management development, to propose and support adequate measures in governmental economic and social policy,
  • to establish relationship with similar institutions abroad,
  • to support the external economic relations development,
  • to keep members informed and to assist in fulfilment of Association goals and obligations.


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